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Privacy Policy

At StatementPacer, we make sure that all the terms and conditions and privacy policies are clear for our clients, so that they can enjoy our service without any hustle.

Here's how we keep things private



We care about your privacy, and it is imperative for us. Therefore, we have a few fundamental principles:

  1. Using this platform, we ask you to provide some essential personal information that we collect, which cannot be attained without your permission.
  2. What personal information we attain are not stored if they are no longer needed or law prohibits us to do so.
  3. Our policy is easy to read and comprehend; therefore, you have all the understanding of your actions on this platform regarding privacy information, as well as what is stored publicly or kept private and indexed by search engines. What information is permanently deleted is also enumerated in this privacy policy detail.
  4. We assure you complete transparency regarding the collection of the data and sharing of personal information. Nothing is hidden or disguised through complex jargons.

The henceforth Privacy Policy will inform you and further clarify these principles. Should you observe any unsolicited use of privacy policy or anything that we have not discussed, please feel free to contact us for a dispute. We will do our best to fix that at the earliest. Your privacy is critically important to us, and we do all measures to protect that.


We welcome you to your online platform, we are Statement Pacer, an online company providing different content writing services to our valued customers across the globe. This Privacy Policy is applicable if you are using any of the following platforms of ours:

  • Our website: StatementPacer.com
  • Our Mobile application (any).
  • Any other products or services that are available to you or offered to your through this platform.

In this document of Privacy Policy, the term “Services” collectively refers to our website, mobile applications, products, or any other services.

Your privacy is not only critically important to us, we respect and protect it with full commitment. Therefore, what we gather, how we collect, the way we use, and the manner we store, all such aspects are covered in this Privacy Policy. If any of these personal information – directly or indirectly – concern you as a “natural person” and not a “bot,” this information is considered “personal data,” which the company is committed to protect with strict accuracy and authenticity. In the henceforth sections, all these principles of collecting your private data and connected choices you make whilst using our services are elaborated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel any issues or have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy. We are always there to address them.


Apart from the information that is retrieved from our website features, such as you country and other personal information enumerated before, we may also obtain your information from our partners. We are partnered with them on contractual and legal terms. In any consent, your consent will be required. For instance, we can collect your consent either directly on our website, whereas, while obtaining information from third parties, you submit your consent to third parties to pass on the information to us.


Visiting our website, blogs, and partner communities, we may collection henceforth mention information about you automatically:

  • Technical details and information.
  • IP address.
  • Details about the device you use, such as Mobile or PC, to visit our website.
  • The way you interact with our Website, such as time spent, etc.

If you want to obtain more information, please visit our Cookie Policy

Summary of the type of information we collect with your consent, and the reason why we do it. This list is outlined for utmost transparency, so that you know what we collect and why.

S. No Type of Personal Information Reasons
1 User’s Location
  • For the purpose of user’s verification
  • To prevent fraudulent activity on our website, such as use and resale of our user’s accounts.
  • Tax implications and VAT purposes.
2 User’s email
  • For contacting the customer. We consider it as a main medium for communication to provide updates, etc.
  • Providing invoices, billing, notifications, and taxation.
  • To prevent fraudulent activity on our website, such as use and resale of our user’s accounts.
3 Phone Number
  • For user’s verification, so that our platform remains safeguarded from any fraudulent activity.
  • To contact the user immediately and promptly.
  • Improve communication between our support team and customer.
4 User’s Name and Surname
  • User’s verification.
  • Providing invoices related to billing and taxation.
  • To prevent fraudulent activity on our website, such as use and resale of our user’s accounts.
5 City/State/Zip code/address
  • Billing information and taxation.


For some or all personal information, as specified previously, we collect information for the reasons mentioned below:

  • To provide dedicated service to you after you have interacted with our website and purchased any of our products or services.
  • To provide you information, notifications, and messages regarding the purchase you made during the reasonable time after you made the purchase on any of our products.
  • Not only about the purchase, we collect the information about your interests in our products as well for a reasonable time.
  • If you enter into a contract with us, whatsoever, while making a purchase or hiring our services, we collect the personal information to effectively provide you all related services under contract.
  • Apart form the services, we may also collect the information for legal reasons pertaining to the purchases you made with us, limited to when you enter into a contract with us.
  • To provide you with information about our products, such as newsletters, etc., as well as the services, after we have received your consent.

We care to disclose the grounds before you for collecting the information from you

The information that we collect from you have specific grounds, including but not limited to legal reasons (based on the contract, or otherwise, what law allows us), as well as other promotional purposes, such as service promotion, newsletters, product launch, etc., which will do upon your consent.

What are our legal bases to process your personal information/data?

We have several reasons that we would like to disclose before you for transparency, they are listed below:

  • Because, we have a contract with you to do so.
  • You have provided us the permission to do so.
  • Since you have purchased a product or services, we are entitled to provide you the product or service.
  • You have requested or asked us to do that.
  • To abide by law or comply with the legal discourse.

All of the above pointers are reasons we may process the information we have collected, obtained, or received about you.

How you give us the permission?

Following are the ways you can provide us your personal information (with your consent):

  • Entering the data into our custom-build order forms or via sending such information to our e-mail.
  • By posting your order requirements on our website, in cases including but not limited to order inquiry, etc.
  • By reviewing our website, posting reviews, and providing feedbacks at the website.
  • Communicating with us via our phone numbers or other mediums.

It is worth noting that all such information can be your personal data or other information, such as financial, educational, or any other order related information.

If you are entering into a contract with us, you may also provide such information for legal reasons.

Information we receive from other sources, apart from our main interface.

We may receive information about you from our other website that we operate, your interaction with us related to our other services, or from our business partners who we entitled to collect your information on our behalf. We secure all such information using advanced tools and ensure that there is no loophole left for infringers.

Since we also have a collaboration with third parties and we contractually work with them, which are usually our business partners or those with whom we are in a contractual agreement in services related to technical, payment, delivery service, marketing, advertising, analytics, SEO, search information providers, credit reference agencies, security providers, background checking agencies, among others. And this information can also be collected from you as part of the service we provide to you per your interest and purchase, and/or for other reasons, such as legal reasons.

Moreover, for the execution of your orders and queries, we may require some necessary files from you and/or provide you with the required files. All such files can be accessed, downloaded, and reviewed on our website’s secured portal. It is worth mentioning that please do no share any of such files that you are not entitled to share, or you do not have permission to do so. Additionally, if there are files, not required by us, and have any kind of personal information of third parties, which we do not have permission to obtain, please do not share those files with us. We guarantee about the requirements that we request, and any additional information that we do not want, need, or require – if shared with us – we do not hold any responsibility to protect it, and hence we may not guarantee the security and protection of such information. Your understanding and diligence in this regard is appreciated.

Can we share your information with others?

As part of our services and product delivery, we may share your personal information with other parties, which we title as “third parties.” They are the ones with whom we hare in contractual agreement or otherwise. Besides, sharing of any such information will be per your consent. Below are the parties with whom we can share your personal information.

  • Our marketing team, so that they can share with you the promotional materials after you sign up on our websites, to show you necessary information about our products and service that either you have purchased or have shown interested in.
  • Our group companies, including subsidiaries, sister companies, etc., and with whom plus whatever the law permits us.
  • Based on the performance of our contract that we have either with the third parties and/or you, we may share your information with the subcontractors or third parties.
  • With any other third parties, for which you have submitted your consent to us.
  • With those contractual third parties who provide us the services that you have purchased on our platform.

Other reasons to share your information

There are some other aspects, for which we are liable and entitled to share your personal information, which aim at either eliminating fraudulent activities, provide the information to government or its concerned agencies (if they request), to keep our and your rights, property, and safety on our platform secured, provide information to those third parties who provide services to reduce credit risks, and disclose information if there is any legal obligation to do so in response to the lawful requests by public authorities (especially law enforcement agencies). On Statement Pacer, the information it holds about its customers are one of its transferred assets.

Aggregated data

Aggregated data is our achieved data about you, that we, from time to time, can provide to your third parties. Such information is not “as it is,” rather statistical or similar one. However, you reserve the right to object, and we are abided to comply to your consent.

Storage of your personal information, its duration, and level of security

We collect the information for order fulfilment, payment processing, and technical support services, and by accepting this privacy policy, you are submitting you consent to allow us to store related information to be stored outside the states and your country of origin, for us to fulfill the order processing. Rest assured that such data is encrypted, and no unauthorized person may access them.

Additionally, when you sign up on our website, you will receive (or enter) registration details, such as username and password, which you are responsible for not sharing to any other person, and keep such details as confidential.

Moreover, the storage of your personal data will be for a time that law allow us or otherwise, we require for the processing of your order or delivery of the purchased product. We will no longer be using your information if we have no valid reason for retaining it. We may keep some information for tax purposes, or otherwise, as law requires.

Besides, regarding the security of your information, we must highlight that unfortunately, Internet is not completely secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee to provide security for the data, which is transmitted to us or stored, yet we assure you that we shall use utmost best practices to keep your data encrypted, secured, and protected.

Based on the rights elaborated, or otherwise law provides, you are entitled to used that and consult us. You right to complain and object is rightly processed, and we exercise your consent as utmost priority.

Changes in Privacy Policy


Should you have any questions, queries, or concern, please feel free to contact us through the following mediums:

Website: www.statementpacer.com

Email: orders@statementpacer.com

Contact: +44 7415 783672

                +44 7415 783672

The same numbers can be reached on WhatsApp

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